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Secure Storage 

We have built a global network of storage, logistics and insurance partners that work with us in safeguarding gold and silver bullion securely stored on behalf of our clients.Some of the best locations to store your gold in are the United Kingdom, Austria, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, and Ireland.

Offshore Storage

Some investors choose to keep their physical gold bars or coins in offshore accounts, which allows them to benefit from currency laws in other countries. When storing your gold offshore, it is then subject to the laws of that country, instead of the laws of your home country.


Our Mission

To protect and grow our clients' capital with just a few simple clicks

Our Vision

To provide outstanding products that together deliver premium value to our clients. Investing in bullion is not like buying stocks or bonds, as you can take physical possession of your gold or silver bars or coins. Bullion bars come with a stamp that confirms the purity level of gold or silver contained in the bar. Bullion bars normally work out as the most cost-effective way to acquire physical precious metals. 

Our Credo

We’re passionate about ethically sourcing the finest quality precious bars and coins. We take great care in making our clients' purchases safe, secure and rewarding.

Our Team

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